Korg Kronos Sound Libraries

Each sound is masterfully crafted to bring you the utmost expression and realism. Take a quick tour and hear for yourself…


Featured Products:

EXs 171 Sha’bi Physical Modeling Instruments
for Korg Kronos

Kelfar Technologies introduces the new EXs-171 Sha’bi sound library, thumb offering a selection of Sha’bi dance oriental sounds created with physical modeling technology and engineered collaboratively by Mr. Majdi Tamim and Kelfar Technologies. Multiple Korg Kronos engines were used to create these new sounds, there including: STR-1; MOD-7; AL-1; PolysixEX; and MS-20EX with CMT (Component Modeling Technology).

Korg Kronos sound library shabi


EXs 170 Classical Arabic Instruments for Korg Kronos

Korg Kronos Players… The new Kelfar Maestro Classical Arabic Instruments sound library will delight you with its realistic dynamics and articulations. Each instrument was meticulously recorded for the utmost in sound quality and expressivity. Oud, seek Kanun, Buzuk, Nay, Kawala, Mejwiz, Arghool, Violin, String Ensemble and more. All at your fingertips on your Korg Kronos


The New AK-4 World Scale Tuning Converter

Explore the full potential of your music and enhance your performance with the new AK-4 PRO WORLD SCALE TUNING CONVERTER. With the AK-4, you can create authentic microtonal keyboard music right from your existing gear.

Kelfar Technologies AK-4 world scale tuning converter

We’ve combined all the features you love from the AK-1 and AK-2 Pro with NEW innovations to make the AK-4 better and more enjoyable to use. Innovations include class-compliant USB MIDI interface and Breath Controller/Expression Pedal input.