Korg M3 (Sounds/Styles - Karma GEs)

KELFAR V1, V2, V3 World Music Set for the Korg M3 series

Three sets are available for the Korg M3 series

1. KELFAR V1 (standard set, size 97mb) Price: $100.00
2. KELFAR V2 (pro set 1, size 135mb) Price: $250.00
3. KELFAR V3 (pro set 2, size 160mb) Price $350..00

* KELFAR V3 comes with 93 Bass split sounds (stage ready)

Kelfar V3 (JUST RELEASED, 9/21/2010)

This set contains 256 Programs, 150 Combinations, and GE styles.

Here is the mnaual for Kelfar V3 in PDF

Important: You will need the 256exb memory installed to load this set!

Note: You will need the latest OS 2.04 or higher to load the set.

Demos on Youtube:

1. Klefar V3 Demo 1 (preview1)

2. Kelfar V3 Demo 2 (preview2)

KELFAR V2 (Demos are available below)

This set contains 128 new Programs with Sha3bi sounds, 5 Oriental Drum kits, and 55 Combinations with 8 Karma Scenes per combination + Sha3bi styles.

Give your Korg M3 a New World flavour which covers music from both Worlds, East and West. Few sounds and styles to name: Zourna, Kanon, Oud, Arabic Guitars, Gypsy Guitar, Nay, Bouzoki, and more. Styles/Patterns: Oriental, Saidi, Tekno, Dance, Funk, Drum N' Bass, Baladi, Azeri, Laff, and more. (see full list below)

Full documentation of the new set in PDF format. KorgM3KelfarSet.pdf

Important: You will need the 256exb memory installed to load this set!

Note: You will need the latest OS 2.04 or higher to load the set.

Professional Audio Demos in MP3 Format

1. Accordion-UG-18 2.Accordion-UG-32 3.Clarinet-UG-12 4.Gasaba2-UG-106 5.Kanon-UG-53 6. Mijwiz-UG-77

7. Pro Nay-UG-10 8. Rababa-UG-110 9.Shabbaba2 Hard-UG-107 10.Synth Saz-UG-125 11. Solo Kaman UG-118

(Audio Demos)

1. Sha3bi Demo 1(256kbps mp3 quality)

2. Sha3bi Demo 2 (256kbps mp3 quality)

Pro Sha3bi Demo <Mix> using the Karma GEs and Patterns <Live>

3. Sha3bi Demo 3


Sha3bi Category

(Audio Demos KELFAR V2 and KELFAR V1)

1. GypsyGuitar 2. Arabic Guitar 3. Arabic Sax 4. Accordion 1 5. Accordion 2

5. Arabic Organ 6. Clarinet 7. Brass 8. Kanon 10 Oud from KM3 built in sounds

11. Solo 12. Kaman solo port 13. Pro Oud 14. Pro Nay 15. Pro Mizmar

16. Real KAMAN played on the Korg M3(UG-G118- Solo Violin)

Oriental Category

User Kits


1. Arabic Orch Strings 1

2. Arabic Orch. Strings 7


User Agreement

KELFAR V2.WORLD MUSIC SET is licensed to you for your personal use, but not sold to you by Kelfar Technologies. All Multi-Samples, Combinations, Programs, and USER GEs are the property of Kelfar Technologies. You may not resell the Multi-Samples, Programs, Combinations, and User GEs. Kelfar Technologies gives you a license to use this set as part of a musical live performance, or for your music production. You are entitled to your own personal copy of the KELFAR V2 set and you can store it on your personal computer or a storage device. This License forbids resale or other distribution of these Combinations, Programs, Multi-Samples, and User GEs.
Information about licensing can be obtained by emailing info@kelfar.net

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Sound Designer: Karim El-Far
Copyright © 2009 Kelfar Technologies

Price: $250.00 + S&H



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