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Music Workstation

Introducing the Korg M50

The Music Workstation for Performance; Portability; Price
Weighing in at just fifteen pounds is the fiery new KORG M50, the music workstation ready to take on all contenders! Incredible new sounds; fat & juicy combis, splits and layers; a plethora of ace effects; dynamic Drum Tracks; enhanced poly-arpeggiators; classic sequencing tools; a solid, confident keybed; up-to-date SD storage; companion editing software and our famous TouchView interactive display - it all adds up to an invigorating and sexy MIDI keyboard instrument that could only come from KORG.

Need a Keyboard Workstation? There's One for Everyone
Over twenty years of category-defining and redefining keyboard workstation expertise beats in the heart of the M50 Music Workstation. Just as the M3 borrowed elements from the legendary OASYS, the M50 captures all the sonic firepower of the M3, distilled into a performance instrument that is second to none., With all of its features and specifications, the M50 Music Workstation just may be the keyboard you've been waiting for! Both 73* and 61-note versions are available, sporting a new semi-weighted Natural Touch keyboard. This new fast and responsive synthesizer keybed facilitates both expressive and dynamic performing. Tipping the scales at a mere 46 pounds, the seriously portable 88 key version features our top-of-the-line RH3 Graded Hammer Action, and provides a satisfying performance experience for the piano purist!

The Korg M-50; A Natural Performer
Made to be played, the Korg M50 Music Workstation is inviting and comfortable. The TouchView screen is intuitive and interactive, allowing the uniquely angled front panel to remain refined and uncluttered. The buttons themselves are rock solid, backlit and rounded for optimum visibility and ease-of-use under any playing conditions. In addition to Korg's four-way joystick and multi-function knobs, the M50 Music Workstation offers four Chord Triggers that provide a flexible and fun way to play chords and trigger arp patterns. A ten-key numeric keypad allows on-demand instant access to sounds, combis and other parameter/values.

Specifications (pdf)

Warranty Information:

Teach Support 631-390-8737 (1 year parts and labors) Register online within 90 days for 2 year parts and labor warranty(for keyboards only) Korg Website

Korg M50 - 61 Keys $1099 + S&H
Korg M50 - 73 Keys $1399 + S&H
Korg M50 - 88 Keys $1799 + S&H

9.0% sales tax in California (Out-of-state sale, exempt from sales tax)


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