AK-1 (Limited Edition) ORIENTAL SCALE CONVERTER is a MIDI device that converts a wide range of synthesizers to a specific Scale Tuning. It can adjust the pitch of each note in the octave (C to B) to -50 cents.

Kelfar AK-1


Kelfar AK-1 in use

AK-1 (Limited Edition) Key Benefits

•    AK-1 can be connected simultaneously to two synthesizers via the two MIDI_OUTS
•    AK-1 works on most MIDI synthesizers (i.e. Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Ketron, and Kurzweil)
•    Transpose buttons for Korg Triton series, Fantom x, Korg Pa series, and Keyboards with GM2 logo

Supported models:

Korg Pa80, Pa50, Pa60, Pa55Tr, Pa1x (Pro), Pa800, Pa500, Triton Classic, Karma, Studio, Extreme, Le, Tr, Micro X, X50
Roland Fantom S, X and models with GS logo
Yamaha Motif ES/ MO (preset scale only – Arabic 2) and instruments with XG logo *not tested with transpose
Ketron VEGA, SD5, SD1 * not tested with transpose
Kontakt 2 with a provided script
Kurzweil K2600 and K2000 series * not tested with transpose


AK-1 RELEASE 2 (2_Midi_Outs) Latest software © 2006-7
AK-1/2MIDI (Two Midi_Outs) older models (discontinued)
AK-1/1MIDI (Triton Support) older models (discontinued)

DISCONTINUED… AK-4 Pro is coming soon!