Explore the full potential of your music and enhance your performance with the new AK-3 PRO WORLD SCALE TUNING, a microtonal keyboard converter device. With the AK-3, you can create authentic microtonal keyboard music right from your existing gear.  

Kelfar AK-3

We’ve combined all the features you love from the  AK-1 and AK-2 Pro with NEW innovations to make the AK-3 better and more enjoyable to use.  Innovations include class-compliant USB MIDI interface and Breath Controller/Expression Pedal (purchased separately). It works best with the BCK-1 (Kelfar Technologies Breath Controller).

This easy-to-use world scale tuning keyboard converter is compatible with most major keyboard brands and offers an incredible array of customization options right at your fingertips.


•    New, simple, intuitive design that makes it easy to create scale memory.
•    Universal MIDI interface to connect with Mac and Windows devices via USB port.
•    Breath Controller/Expression Pedal input with up to 9 factory presets Curves (Linear, 5*Exponential, Logarithmic, S -Type, N-Type)
•    A lightweight, compact design, making it portable and easy to carry to gigs, concerts, or jam sessions with friends.
And with the new AK-3 Pro World Scale Tuning, you have the ability to:
•    Connect to TWO synthesizers at once.
•    Adjust the pitch of each note in the octave (C/Do to B/Si) to  -64 to +63 cents.
•    Transpose Two synthesizers at once.
•    Relay Control Change (CC) Midi Messages to Two Synthesizers.
•    Send Breath Controller/Expressional pedal data to user-predefined 16 midi channels
•    Access Microtonal functions via 18 switches.
•    Store 12 of your favorite scales (future update) and 8 user detuned scales
•    Turn off the Breath Controller instantly
•    Program the Breath Controller/Expression Pedal functions via the Short-Cuts mode

The AK-3 PRO WORLD SCALE TUNING was created from over 11 years of direct, personal experience and feedback from musicians around the world. We listened to your comments, suggestions, tips and feedback, and incorporated them into the redesign of the AK-2.  The results? A powerful, simple, and flexible tool to help you create Microtonal music with ease.

Let your imagination soar with the AK-3. Whatever music you dream of creating, the AK-3 makes it possible. Create better sounds with ease.



•    (1) MIDI Input
•    (1) Breath Controller / Expression Pedal (Selectable when programming the AK-3 Pro)
•    (1) Switch Pedal input for (Korg Pa80, 50, 50SD)


•    (2) MIDI Output via USB Interface (software selectable)
•    (2) MIDI Output via Standard Midi M1&M2 (1/8″ to 5-pin din)
Power source:
•    5V USB bus power (USB Mini B)
•    4.94″x2.75″x1.28″
•    0.24lbs / 110g.
Accessories (included)
•    (1) USB mini cable (1.2m/4ft)
•    (2) 1/8″ to 5-pin din (1m/3.2ft and 1.5m/5ft)

Note: Breath Controller and Expression Pedal are NOT included. The AK-3 works best with the BCK-1 (Kelfar Technologies Breath Controller)

Supported Instruments/Models:

Korg Pa80, Pa50, Pa60, Pa55Tr, Pa1&2x (Pro), Pa800, Pa3x series, Pa500, P500 ORT, Pa600, Pa600QT, Triton Classic, Karma, Studio, Extreme, Le, Tr, Micro X, X50, Kronos series (with firmware 2.3 and up), *M3 series, *Oasys, *Trinity, Korg Z1, and Korg Prophecy.
*Trinity series works in all modes, except the MOSS mode.
Roland Fantom S, X, G, AX-Synth Shoulder Synthesizer, and models with GS logo
Yamaha Motif ES/ MO (preset scale only – Arabic 2) and instruments with XG logo, Tyros/Psr series, Motif XS (Voice,Song,Pattern), and Motif XF (Voice,Song,Pattern)
Ketron VEGA, SD5, SD1, and AUDYA series
Kontakt with a provided script – Kontakt Script (Native Instruments)
Kurzweil K2600 and K2000 series
Moog Sub Phatty and Sub 37

World Scales Support (-64 cents to +64 cents)
Equal Tempered Tuning System
Micro Tuning System
Turkish ( Byselik, Rast, Ussak, Nikirz, Saba, Huazm, Siga, and more)
Byzantine (Modes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,and 8)
Arabic (Bayati, Rast, Siga, Huseini, Hijaz, amd more)
and more…

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