Amazing Sounds! Expand Your Dynamic and Expression

Dynamic Pitch Bend Articulations

Kelfar Technologies proudly presents the new FIRMWARE 5.0!  This update to the AK5 PRO SE all-in-one midi device gives you the ultimate control of your performance.

Kelfar AK5 PRO SE Firmware 5.0: Performance Without Limits

The new FIRMWARE 5.0 allows you to take full control of your performance. There’s no limit to what you can do with this update. Your music no longer sounds mechanical, static, and without expression or feel. The Dynamic Pitch Bend Articulations is a new Global feature and fully programmable and can be configured to your performance needs.

Up to 128 Adjustable Stepping 14-Bit Pitch Bending

The fully adjustable 128 steps enable you to perform musical elements and articulations just the real instrument. Perform legato, glissando (up or down), fall-off up or down, trills, vibrator, guitar whammy effects, grace notes, and much more without interruption or that strange ‘mechanical’ sound so common in electronic keyboards.

With the Kelfar AK5 PRO SE Firmware 5.0 update, you’re in control of your music – and the effect is incredible!

Introducing Curvatures

Looking for the ultimate realistic sound? The 9 factory preset curves  (Lineare, 5*Exponential, Logarithmic, S-Type, N-Type), when used with the Breath Controller/Expression Pedal, create superb sounds for a realistic performance.

Makes Pitch Bends Easy!

Performing natural-sounding pitch bends on a synthesizer poses many difficulties. Only the most skilled musicians can do it. But with the AK5 PRO SE, pitch bends are easy. The Pitch Bend increment offers a scale of 1 to 127, with 1 the slowest. Two modes enable you to bend the pitch and return to the original value or bend the pitch and ramp back to the initial pitch value.

More Choices for Realistic Sounds

With the Firmware 5.0 update to the Kelfar AK5 PRO SE, there are more choices and options available than ever before. Whether you’re creating music for performance, recording, or personal enjoyment, Kelfar AK5 PRO SE offers the most realistic synth sounds on the market.

Get the firmware update now!