The BCK-1 Breath Controller Offers Easy to Use, Sensitive Breath Control for Keyboard Instruments

Kelfar BCK-1 Breath Controller

Our new BCK-1 Breath Controller is the accessory keyboardists demand for sensitive and precise volume control during performance. It is simple and easy to use, yet offers incredibly sensitive volume control. The result is a rich sound that makes electronically produced music ring with the nuances of actual instruments.

Expert Sound from an Easy-to-Use Accessory

The new BCK-1 Breath Controller makes it easy to create expert sound quality during your performances. Adjust the gain and offset to your own unique preferences. Connect the BCK-1 to your keyboard’s BC input or use a convert box such as BCXP PRO and you’re ready to experience gradations of volume you never thought were possible with an electronic keyboard!

Each Unit Individually Tested and Calibrated

Each Kelfar BCK-1 has been individually tested and calibrated for accurate and consistent volume control. It’s a professional quality breath controller at an affordable price.

Other great features of the BCK-1 include:

• Gain and Offset value controls to customize the sensitivity of the Breath Controller.

• Six foot (6′) long 1/8″ stereo cord compatible with most keyboard models – and long enough so you won’t feel tethered to your instrument.

• Breakaway lanyard, which makes it easy to hold, connect and disconnect the Kelfar Breath Controller.

• Flex arm mini mount and flex arm clip, which makes it easy to mount the breath controller on your favorite stand .

• Easy to clean (and keep clean!) microbial resistant plastic.

We recommend using the BCK-1 with the Breath-to-Expression Converter BCXP PRO


Price: $199.99 + S&H

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