EXs 170 Kelfar Maestro

Kelfar Technologies introduces the NEW EXs-170 Maestro, a sound library that offers a selection of CLASSICAL ARABIC INSTRUMENTS to add to your Korg Kronos.


Contents: Approximately 1.4GB PCM (Requires approximately 126MB of virtual memory), 22 Stereo Multisamples, 117 Mono Multisamples, 40 Programs, 32 Combinations, 32 Wave Sequences, 9 Drum Kits (Phrases)


Includes the selectable CLASSICAL ARABIC INSTRUMENTS: Oud, Kanun, Buzuk, Nay, Kawala, Mejwiz, Arghool, Violin, String Ensemble. These instruments are not limited to the Arabian region, but are performed widely throughout the Mediterranean. They are perfect to create the songs of Greece, Turkey, Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Arabian Peninsula.



The new Kelfar Maestro Classical Arabic Instruments sound library will delight you with its realistic dynamics and articulations. Each instrument was meticulously recorded for the utmost in sound quality and expressivity. Oud, Kanun, Buzuk, Nay, Kawala, Mejwiz, Arghool, Violin, String Ensemble and more. All at your fingertips on your Korg Kronos.

You have dynamic control over the sound using SW1, SW2, Vector Joystick, After Touch, Velocity, Joystick, and Ribbon. It is highly recommended that you use the EXs 170 Guide to become familiar with the Maestro Dynamics.

These programs and combinations are so lifelike they can fool you into thinking you’re hearing the real thing. Listen now and hear for yourself the difference from Kelfar Technologies’ new Maestro set.

The Kelfar Maestro sound library was recorded and engineered by Mr. Karem Matar of Ksound Studio, in Nazareth. Karem used his well-known expertise, professional players and state-of-the-art sound equipment to capture a true-to-life representation of these major Middle Eastern instruments.



EXs 170 Maestro Multisample
EXs 170 Maestro Voice Name List


This library requires the KRONOS system version 3.0.4 or later.

Price: $250 – Available at Korg Sound Libraries & Shop