EXs 171 Kelfar Sha’bi

Kelfar Technologies introduces the new EXs-171 Sha’bi sound library, offering a selection of Sha’bi dance oriental sounds created with physical modeling technology and engineered collaboratively by Mr. Majdi Tamim and Kelfar Technologies.

Contents: Approximately 749MB PCM (Requires approximately 119MB of virtual memory), 54 Stereo Multisamples, 114 Mono Multisamples, 253 Programs (Template), 235 Combinations

The popular library, introduced in 2016, has been updated in late 2022 to include 107 all-new sounds. The new sounds are added to Combis Bank INT-F. The Combis in Bank INT-F were designed, programmed and engineered by Mr. Shawkat Alghabra and Karim El-Far of Kelfar Technologies.

Multiple Korg Kronos/Nautilus engines were used to create these new sounds, including: STR-1; MOD-7; AL-1; PolysixEX; and MS-20EX with CMT (Component Modeling Technology). All the sounds are accessed and performed in “Combis” BANK – USER-F and INT-F / M and N.

For maximum expression and lifelike articulation, we highly recommend using an Expression Pedal or Breath controller. To make these sounds as expressive as the instruments they model, appropriate resources were carefully programmed to emulate the articulation of each one. After-Touch, Velocity, Joystick, Ribbon and skillful use of Alternate Modulation Source make these sounds come alive.

Additional care was taken in the programming to make many of the sounds similar to those possible with the Korg Trinity V3 and Triton Extreme with MOSS (Multi-Oscillator Synthesis System). The result is an authentic library of Middle Eastern instruments perfect for keyboardists playing Sha’bi and similar musical styles:

True Dynamics – we have designed a specific Envelope, filter and Sub-Oscillator for each of the 235 sounds to give you the maximum dynamic range and modulation depth.

True Loudness – Each of the 235 sounds has been designed to cut through and give you maximum loudness without loss of sonic quality.

True Analog – by using MOD-7; AL-1; MS-20EX; and PolysixEX, many of the sounds have an analog warmth and unique character that makes it hard to believe you are hearing a Korg Kronos.

Create Popular Club and Dabka Music Styles

Sha’bi is an enormously popular club and dabka (Arab folk dance) music style found throughout the Middle East. It modernizes traditional music, creating danceable songs popular with young adults. The new EXs171 Sha’bi sound library uses physical modeling to accurately reproduce the haunting sounds of Middle Eastern instruments including the rababa (spike fiddle), shebbabeh (flute), nay (open-ended reed flute), minjayrah (reed flute), kamanja (violin), shakoli, mejwiz, mizmar areed, bakhira, yarghul and zamr. The set also includes a well-rounded collection of distorted lead guitar, electric guitar, wah wah sounds, drawbar organ, saxophones, electric piano, portamento sounds, and orchestral strings for rich, layered sounds.

Note: The order of the factory Programs is arranged differently among NAUTILUS, KRONOS2, KRONOS X and the original KRONOS. This affects sounds which reference the factory Programs. Please download the file which matches your product model.

Note: This title for NAUTILUS requires EXs315 additionally to produce the Programs and Combinations perfectly.


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This library requires the KRONOS system version 3.0.4 or later.

Price: $199.99 – Available at Korg Sound Libraries & Shop