EXs 172 & 173 Kelfar Kithara

EXs 172 & 173 Kithara for Korg Kronos faithfully reproduces vintage electric guitars from 1962 – 1980, mapping each nuance, note, and variance for clean articulations and expressive dynamics. EXs 172 has Clean and Jazz sounds. EXs 173 offers Jazz and Distortion Guitars. Combine both Kithara for Korg Kronos for a complete, authentic library of electric guitar sounds.

Contents: Approximately 3.3 GB of PCM samples, 208 Multisamples,

128 Programs [U-FF], 32 Combis [U-D],

72 Wave Sequences [U-BB(32),UCC(32),UDD(08)]

Kelfar Technologies recorded each vintage instrument separately and used original, period-specific amps, mics, and distortion pedals to reproduce each classic tone. Dynamics, velocities, switching, and round robin/wave sequencing per program and sound add to its authenticity. Each instrument sounds and behaves exactly as it should – but all through your Korg Kronos keyboard!

Special Touches Musicians Will Love

The Kithara Library for Korg Kronos offers much to explore and enjoy in one package.

  • Full control over each element of the guitar tone, reverb, delay/chorus
  • Full control of the dynamics when an Expression Pedal is connected.
  • Vintage dynamic volume and louder than Korg factory presets!
  • Voicing split into two categories – Programs can be used for studio and live applications, and the Combinations Mode can be programmed for live performances using unique options and dynamics incorporated into each Combi.
  • Combi allows you to use the 4 Karma Scenes to seamlessly select algorithms and switch between Bridge and Neck pickups as well as Room and Close Mics for ambiance (see the Manual/Guide for details.)

Kithara Library for Korg Kronos: What’s Inside

  • Four algorithms with mapping that translates into guitar frets and positioning within Kronos
  • Bridge and neck pickups
  • Large-diaphragm tube condenser room mic and dynamic close mic sound for each guitar
  • Upward and downward picking strokes
  • Slide up and down
  • Pick noises for a truly realistic touch
  • Harmonics
  • Guitar FX
  • Real-time bending
  • Bending on a new note at Note-On-Only
  • Smooth transitions between two notes or more with poly-legato for distortion guitar


The Kelfar Kithara sound library was recorded by Chris Vibberts of The Rabbit Hole Recording in Petaluma, California. With his expertise in vintage guitars, Chris used state-of-the-art sound equipment to capture a true-to-life representation of these highly sought after classic instruments.



User’s Guide

Multisample List


Price: $349.99 Available at Korg Sound Libraries & Shop

IMPORTANT: This library requires the KRONOS system version 3.0.4 or later.