EXs 174 Master Percussionist

Kelfar Technology proudly introduces its tenth sample library for the Korg Kronos music workstation. The Master Percussionist library was produced in cooperation with audio engineer and world-class percussionist, Sam Skaf. Many of the original instruments were built abroad by master builders in their homelands, and customized specifically for this unique library.

Looking for a Korg Kronos percussion library for top quality middle-eastern rhythms? EXs-174 Master Percussionist offers a set of 41 [U-AA] original programs that emulate the actual acoustic instruments with astounding realism. Dumbek (both fish skin, and plastic heads), Riq (tambourine), Mazhar, Tar (frame drum, sizes 12″,16″, 18″, 20″, 24″), Katem, Dahola, Bongos, Tabil, Naqrazan, Kassor, Mirwas, Zeer, Claps, Sagat, and many other instruments were recorded at multiple dynamic levels and strike strengths to provide the ultimate in high-definition realism.

Also included are a wide variety of idiomatic articulations and ornaments that add an extra level of realism to each instrument.

Special Touches Musicians Will Love

The Master Percussionist for Korg Kronos offers much to explore and enjoy in one package.

  • Each note has been mapped and positioned to match the original instrument
  • Full control over each element of the instrument i.e skin tuning
  • Multi velocity note switching and up to 8 layer dynamics per note
  • Each instrument panned (Left and Right) to match the correct positioning of the actual hand/finger
  • Peak volume is louder than standard Korg factory presets to provide the widest possible dynamic range

Master percussionist Sam Skaf of Sam Skaf Mastering Studios in New York recorded the Kelfar Master Percussionist sound/percussion library. His expertise in audio engineering and musical performance, combined with his state-of-the-art recording equipment captured true-to-life representations of each of these highly sought after instruments.


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Price: $249.99 Available at Korg Sound Libraries & Shop