EXs 187 Vintage Analog Dynamics

Kelfar Technologies Introduces EXs 187 Vintage Analog Dynamics

 Contents: Approximately 203 MB of PCM samples, 19 Multisamples Mono,  2 Multisamples Stereo, 64 Programs [U-CC], 2 Karma GEs [U-G]

Kelfar Technologies introduces its 13-sound library for the Korg Kronos music workstation, the EXs 187 Vintage Analog Dynamics.

Kelfar Technologies “Private Collections” of Vintage Analog Sounds

 The EXs 187 Vintage Analog Dynamics is a selection of vintage analog sounds from our “private collections.” Kelfar Technologies selected the top original sounds that were commonly used in many of the songs and live performances from across the world and especially from the USA, Europe, Greece, Balkan, and the Mediterranean regions.

Customized Octave Vintage Sounds

These sounds are distinguished and have their own unique characteristics in comparison to other vintage analog synthesizers. Kelfar Technologies and our design team have recorded and customized many of the sounds included in this library with Octave pitch shifting to make them fuller and to keep their analog character and dynamic feel.

The EXs 187 Vintage Analog Dynamics includes:

  • Violin Octave
  • Flute Octave
  • Clarinet Octave
  • Clarinet Double Reed Octave
  • Double Reed Octave
  • Vintage Organs
  • Strings
  • Lead (Synths)
  • Guitar

The library comes with massive amount of professionally programmed sounds. You receive a total of 64 sounds (64 Programs). Included selections are the Violin Octave, Flute Octave, Clarinet Octave, Lead (Synths), Electric Guitar, Vintage Strings, Organs, Bass, Brass, Sax, Trombone, Vintage Pads, and many more.

Bonus!  Our popular collections of Strings from the EXs 95 Melodia and EXs 170 Maestro libraries

The strings have been edited exclusively for the EXs 187 Vintage Analog Dynamics to match the vintage sounds EQ included in this library.  The purpose of editing the strings is to make them sound vintage as they are coming from the same family of sounds. Hear them for yourself!

Play with Full Control of the Parameters in Real-Time

Each sound has been assigned to the Common Realtime Controls: Knobs, Switches, Joystick, and Ribbon.  It will allow you to control Filter, EG, LFO, and many other parameters in real-time. (Check the manual for more details).

The EXs 187 Vintage Analog Dynamics sound library was recorded by Nikolaos Spaniotis. Engineered and programmed by Karim El-Far of Kelfar Technologies.


EXs 187 Vintage Analog Dynamics Guide 2021

Price $149.45 – Available at Korg Sound Libraries & Shop