EXs 96 Kelfar Monomusica

Kelfar Technologies is proud to introduce the new EXs-96 Monomusica, a new sound library that offers a variety of vintage sounds to add to your KORG KRONOS.

Analog Physical Modeled Sounds – Contents: Approximately 50MB of PCM samples, 47 Multisamples, 64 Programs

This private collection of 64 [U-CC] sounds faithfully reproduces legendary analog synthesizers digitally. The resulting sounds offer unique vintage-style combinations with Mono-Portamento sound techniques. Listen for yourself to this amazing new collection!

The EXs-96 complements the EXs-95 and KRS-95 sound libraries and is a MUST for those in love with the technique, style and sounds used in Middle Eastern music in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. This new collection can be used to create any style of music you can dream of with your KORG KRONOS.

Kelfar Technologies emulated the behavior of the dynamics and the articulation of each modeled instrument with AMS (Alternate Modulation Sources) to give you control over the sound using After Touch, Velocity, Joystick, and Ribbon.

Voice Name List
The programs in this collection were created by Issa Jarayseh and Karim El-Far and are offered here for the first time EVER from their private collections.

The EXs-96 Monomusica includes:

• EXs-96 Monomusica Saw
• Mini Saw
• Res-Saw-Bass
• Sync-Lead-Bass
• Electric Organ-Lead
• Pluck Sync-Bozuk
• Pluck Sync-Guitar
• Electric Organ-Lead
• Res-Square
• Kelfar V Violin M.G
• Kelfar V Trumpet
• Kelfar V Clarinet
• Kelfar V Old Sax
• Kelfar V Trumpet
• Kelfar V Trombone
• Kelfar V Accordion
• Kelfar V Musette
• Kelfar V Fretless Guitar
• Kelfar V Noisy Nay
• Kelfar Hybrid Kawala
• Kelfar V Muted Oud
• Kelfar 60s Guitar, and many more.

If you love creating vintage-style ambiance in your recordings and live performances, check out the EXs-96 Monomusica today. It’s your time machine of sound to explore, create and enjoy your KORG KRONOS.

IMPORTANT: This library requires the KRONOS system version 3.0.2 or later.

EXs 96 Monomusica Multisample.pdf
EXs 96 Monomusica VoiceNameList Guide.pdf

Price: $99.99 – Available at Korg Sound Libraries & Shop