KRS 95 Kelfar Moda

Kelfar Technologies’ KRS-95 Moda sound library offers keyboard musicians an unprecedented array of Middle Eastern sounds to recreate popular Sha’abi dance music.

Kelfar Moda KRS-95

Maestro Bassam Badour of Lebanon uses the Korg Kronos and Kelfar libraries as his main instrument, demonstrating the versatile and exceptional quality of these libraries. The new library includes plucked instruments, woodwinds, bowed strings and ensemble instruments. Keyboardists can produce a rich blend of authentic Middle Eastern instruments for Sha’abi and other musical styles. The new sound library has been tested in both studio and performance settings, and is organized around key features most musicians appreciate.

Programs and Combinations

You must have the EXs 95 library in order to use the KRS-95 Moda. Purchase the EXs 95 library from the Korg Kronos Sound Library Lineup / Shop.

The KRS-95 Moda comes with 128 programs (U-DD) and the original EXs 95 Melodia PCG (U-G & UGG) all in the KRS-95 Moda. With the EXs 95 Melodia, the combination of the two creates a total of 384 programs and 64 combinations. Some of the programs in the PCG bank (UG and UGG) have been updated from the original EXs 95 Melodia, especially the Arabic and Turkish strings, oud, kanon, accordion, sazi and Greek clarinet, violin and lead sounds. These updates offer the most up-to-date and accurate representation of the original Arabic, Turkish and Greek sounds.

Voice Name List

The Voice Name List in the UG and UGG programs of the EXs 95 Melodia remains the same. The presets in Combis [U-G] have been reworked to take advantage of the KRS-95 Moda library.

The new combi collection offers:

• Orchestra strings

• Brass (trumpets, sax)

• Guitar, with splits for guitar strumming

• Bass/Split with drone using Karma GEs

Create Popular Club and Dabka Music Styles

Sha’abi is an enormously popular club and dabka (Arab folk dance) music style found throughout the Middle East that modernizes traditional music, creating danceable, modern songs popular with young adults. The new KRS-95 Moda sound library uses physical modeling to accurately reproduce the haunting sounds of Middle Eastern instruments including the rababah (spike fiddle), shababah (flute), nay (open-ended reed flute), minjayrah (reed flute), mijwiz, yarghul and zamr. The set also includes a fine collection of classical guitar, electric guitar, trumpet, saxophones, silver flutes and wood flutes, brasses, and orchestra strings to create rich, layered sounds.

Famous Sha’bi keyboard player and sound engineer, Nader Harb (MODA MUSIC) and Kelfar Technologies collaborated to create 50 of the new sounds; the rest of the sounds were made exclusively by Kelfar Technologies. Milad Musa of Germany mastered, engineered and equalized the new mix.

Korg Kronos engines were used to create the new sounds. These include: CMT (Component Modeling Technology); STR-1; MOD-7; AL-1; MS-20EX; and PolsixEX. Additional resources used include (Alternate Modulation Source), After Touch, Velocity, Joystick, and Ribbon to emulate the articulation of each modeled instrument found in MOSS (Multi-Oscillator Synthesis System). Many of the sounds are similar to the Korg Trinity V3 and Triton with MOSS. The result is an authentic library of Middle Eastern instruments perfect for keyboardists playing Sha’abi and similar musical styles.


KRS 95 Kelfar Moda VoiceNameList.pdf

Price: $100.00 – Available at Korg Sound Libraries & Shop