KRS 96 Kelfar Sofia

Kelfar Technologies’ Sofia offers musicians a treasure of Balkan instrument sounds not found elsewhere.

The new Korg Kronos KRS-96 Sofia library uses physical modeling to accurately and precisely reproduce the unique and haunting sounds of Balkan traditional and contemporary music. It was programmed and engineered collaboratively between Costin Caraulani and Kelfar Technologies using Korg Kronos synthesis engines: CMT (Component Modeling Technology); STR-1; MOD-7; AL-1; MS-20EX; and PolsixEX.


Using AMS (Alternate Modulation Source), After Touch, Velocity, Joystick, and Ribbon, the team emulated the articulation of each modeled instrument. The result is a haunting selection of familiar Balkan instruments emulating the tones and articulation of the reed, bow, and string models found in MOSS (Multi-Oscillator Synthesis System).

Musicians can perform Bulgarian, Serbian, Albanian, Macedonian, Greek, Romanian and other southeastern European music using authentic and accurate sounds modeled from Balkan instruments. The melodic selection encompasses such instruments as the gajde, kavalla, saxsho, violonika, trompet-serbo, saxophone-boje, zurna, flute, kanon, oud, bouzoukisu, strings and many more. Sofia offers musicians the ultimate suite of Balkan instruments so realistic you’ll look for the oud player!

The Sofia set includes 69 Programs [U-FF] all driven by Korg Kronos.

KRS 96 Kelfar Sofia VoiceNameList.pdf

Price: $150.00 – Available at Korg Sound Libraries & Shop