KRS 97 Kelfar Acustica

Kelfar Technology proudly introduces its fourth library of Korg Kronos sounds as the most advanced representation of acoustical and analog instruments through KRS – 97 Acustica, which offers a set of 128 [U-EE] physically modeled and hybrid sampling sounds.

These sounds emulate actual acoustic, woodwind, bow, brass, string, reed, and synthesized analog instruments to levels not yet achieved prior to this time. The sounds are so lifelike that it’s difficult to tell the difference between these sounds and the actual instruments. Hear for yourself.

Use the new KRS-97 Acustica with the default option, Velocity, and you’ll be able to create authentic, beautiful instrumental sounds with the touch of your keyboard. Most of the sounds in the KRS 97 are programmed to be played with two options: Velocity Control or Breath Control. Add an optional Breath Controller (such as the BCK-1 available from Kelfar Technologies) or other breath controllers, and you’ll gain even more precise control over the sounds. With Breath Controllers you can reproduce the growl of the saxophone or the soft trill of the flute by simply blowing hard or soft through the Breath Controller. You’ll achieve more expressiveness and more lifelike articulation than you’ve ever experienced or dreamed were possible with a keyboard!

Korg Kronos engines were used to create the new sounds. These include:

• CMT (Component Modeling Technology);

• STR-1

• MOD-7

• AL-1

• MS-20EX

• PolsixEX

Additional resources include (Alternate Modulation Source), After Touch, Velocity, Joystick, and Ribbon to emulate the articulation of each modeled instrument found in MOSS (Multi-Oscillator Synthesis System).

You must have the EXs 3 Brass Woodwinds library loaded in order to use the KRS-97 Acustica.


KRS 97 Kelfar Acustica VoiceNameList.pdf

Price: $99.99 – Available at Korg Sound Libraries & Shop