The Kelfar MIDI Controller Pro is an ultra compact keyboard peripheral for musicians, DJs, sound engineers, and other music professionals, enabling real-time adjustments of the 127 standard, system-exclusive MIDI messages on a wide range of keyboards.

KelfarMIDI Controller Pro

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Midi Controller Pro is ideal for a variety of applications from music studio productions to live performances. From  a simple three-button, three-character display interface via a MIDI OUT port you apply the Transpose (Note Shift) function in semitones up or down an octave, as well as store presets and exercise a variety of real-time recall modes to send these MIDI messages to the keyboard:

    Control Change (CC)

    Program Change (PC)

    Aftertouch (AT)

    Pitch Bend (PB)

With Midi Controller Pro, you can also advance to a programmed song, select System Common and System Real-Time Settings (Time Clock) and apply MTC or MIDI Transport Controls (Start, Continue, and Start) as defined by MIDI Standards. The Time Clock can be used to control the beats per minute (BPM). New “tap tempo” feature allows you to tap the buttons to change the tempo quickly and easily.

Supported keyboards include General MIDI 2 (Korg and other devices with the GM2 logo), Roland GS,  Yamaha XG,  Ketron,  General Transpose “Coarse Tune,” General Transpose “Coarse Tune” , Yamaha MOTIF XF, and Yamaha MOTIF XS.

MIDI Controller Pro is powered from any USB port or with a 5-volt power adapter (included with purchase).


Price: $149.99 + S&H