New Firmware for the AK-4 Pro Special Edition

AK4 Pro Special Edition Firmware Version 3

Are you ready for new, expanded options for your AK-4 Pro Special Edition?

Kelfar Technologies has updated and expanded the Universal Mode to make it compatible with almost all keyboards, synthesizers, and other equipment.

Firmware Version 3: Fresh Options, Including Transposition!

The new Firmware Version 3 introduces new options and expandability to the AK-4 Pro Special Edition. We at Kelfar Technologies have re-developed the Universal Mode and added our own Micro-Tuning©, Mono-Legato Micro-Tuning©, and Transpose algorithms©.

More Supported Instruments

In the Standard Mode, we have added many new supported instruments that use System Exclusive and CC messages to the AK-4 Pro SE. In addition to the instruments already supported in the previous AK4 firmware versions, Firmware 3 adds new instruments: Moog, MIDI Tuning Standard, DSI/Sequential, Yamaha Montage6/Montage7/Montage8 with Transpose, GENOS with Transpose, Yamaha PostMidiTranspose (XG NoteShift), Roland E-A, FA-06/FA-07/FA-08 with Transpose, and Kontakt Script with Transpose.

New! Now Compatible with Korg Trinity V3 Series

You asked, and we listened! We received many requests from people around the world to make the AK-4 Pro SE compatible with the Korg Trinity V3 series.  We are thrilled to announce that, YES, it is now compatible! It works in the Universal Mode Firmware Version 3.0 and up. Kelfar Technologies will be releasing a FREE utility for both Mac and Windows to convert your Korg Trinity V3 PCGs to make them compatible with the AK-4 Pro SE.

Universal Mode Updated – Save and Share Your Creations

The main focus of this Firmware Version 3 update is the Universal Mode which was first introduced when the AK-2 Pro was released in 2008. In Universal Mode, the AK-4 Pro sends the Kelfar Technologies™ algorithms and processes all the incoming MIDI data seamlessly in Real-Time with 14-bit Pitch Bend and 14-bit Fine Tune MIDI data to detune your instrument. The Universal Mode has modes (1-8) to Micro-Tune your Keyboards, Synthesizers, Software, and VSTs.

Owners of Kelfar Technologies AK-4 Pro SE can go beyond and record and save their Micro-Tuning performances by using Logic Pro, Cubase, Pro Tools, and other recording software that supports Midi Pitch-Bend and Fine Tune data and share it with musicians across the globe. The AK-4 Pro SE can transmit all the processed MIDI data via its USB MIDI interface or the standard MIDI mini-jack. 

Details: AK-4 Pro SE Updated Universal Mode

    1. Kelfar Technologies Transpose©
    2. Kelfar Technologies Mono-Legato Micro-Tuning©
    3. Kelfar Technologies Real-Time Selectable User Scales©
    4. Kelfar Technologies Eight Programmable Micro-Tuning Modes (1-8)

      Mode 1 – Two-channel Polyphonic Tuning using a 14-bit Fine Tune
      Mode 2 – Two-channel Polyphonic Tuning using a 14-bit Pitch Bend
      Mode 3 – Single-channel Monophonic Tuning using a 14-bit Pitch Bend
      Mode 4 – Twelve-channel Polyphonic Tuning using a 14-bit Pitch Bend
      Mode 5 – Single-channel Mono-Legato Tuning using a 14-bit Pitch Bend
      Mode 6 – Single-channel Monophonic Tuning using a 14-bit Fine Tune
      Mode 7 – Twelve-channel Polyphonic Tuning using a 14-bit Fine Tune
      Mode 8 – Single-channel Mono-Legato Tuning using a 14-bit Fine Tune

    5. Kelfar Technologies Programmable Breath Controller and Expression Pedal

The Firmware Version 3 in Universal Mode supports the following MIDI messages:

• Running Status • Note On/Off • Poly Aftertouch • Channel Aftertouch • Control Change • Program Change • Pitch Bend • System Exclusive • System Common • System Realtime •

The Breath Controller/Expression port has been enabled for all the Eight Modes in Firmware Version 3. The BC/Expression supports Master Volume and Control Change (CC) 00 to 119.

The Firmware Version 3.0 is free to all owners of AK-4 Pro SE. A new, updated AK4 Guide Version 3, and the update procedure PDF. The update will be available here.


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