New Firmware for the AK-5 Pro Special Edition

AK5 Pro (6)

Kelfar Technology proudly presents the new free FIRMWARE 5.5.7!  This update to the AK 5 PRO SE and AK 4 PRO SE all-in-one midi device gives you the ultimate control of your micro-tonal performance.

Kelfar AK5 PRO SE Firmware 5.5.7

The updated firmware brings new features and improvements to the AK 4 and 5 Pro SE series. The USER SCALES have been extended from 9 to 12 user scales. The update introduces two new important features:

  1. A new SCALE RECALL feature to save up to 12 user scales and recall them instantly. The new RECALL feature allows you to save each USER SCALE with individual micro-tuning cents per note and RECALL them instantly. For example, you might want to recall two notes ( E and B) with their own micro-tuning cents notes and RECALL them instantly without the need to select the two notes. All you need is a single button to recall the saved USER RECALL.
  2. Unlock the potential of your old and new synths. Perform mono sounds with microtonal. A new Mono Mode in the Universal Mode has been totally modified and now the AK 4 and AK 5 Pro SE will be your synth controller. There is no need for you to change or modify your synth sounds to Mono, Mono-Legato, or Polyphonic. The new Mono Mode is very important to emulate the classical analog synth mono sounds, and especially if you are playing woodwinds and portamento synths sounds.  In fact, have you thought of playing your sounds in non-Equal Temperament scale?

Optimization and Bug Fixing

The firmware does improve the performance of the AK 4 and AK 5 Pro. The optimization was made possible to allow the FIRMWARE to be installed on both the current AK 5 Pro SE and AK 4 Pro SE (discontinued). While the AK 4 Pro SE has been discontinued and is no longer in production, we did our best to fit the firmware without exceeding the limits of the memory capacity. We are giving new life to your AK 4 Pro!

The firmware is a FREE DOWNLOAD to all owners of Kelfar Technologies: AK4 Pro SE and AK5 Pro SE.

A New Kontakt Script with built Micro-Tuning and Transposer

We have written a totally a new Kontakt Script. The script has two important features: Micro-Tuning and Post-Midi Transposer.

The script is compatible with the following AK series from Kelfar Technologies: AK2 Pro, AK3 Pro, AK4 Pro, and AK5 Pro.

The script is a FREE DOWNLOAD to all owners of Kelfar Technologies: AK2 Pro, AK3 Pro, AK4 Pro, and AK5 Pro.

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