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Welcome to Orthodoxia Radio

Fr. Pandeleimon with Sbd, Karim El-Far


Windows Media Player Live Streaming
(if the above link does not work then run WMP and copy this address: http://sc4.spacialnet.com:21644 and paste it into File > OPEN URL. )

Or Unzip OrthodoxiaRadioBroadCast.zip to your Desktop and then Double Click on OrthodoxiaRadioBroadCast.asx.

Winamp and iTunes Live Streaming

RealPlayer Live Streaming

*Sound quality: 24kbps, 22.059kHz, Mono.
*Maximum listeners allowed: 20

Time: coming soon...

Schedule: coming soon...

Programs: Byzantine music, preaching, and more

Languages: Arabic. Greek, Spanish, German, English


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