Kelfar Technologies, in collaboration with AL FANNY TRADING Roland Egypt, is proud to introduce the new Roland E-A7 Middle Eastern Sound Library Expansion Pack.

Roland E-A7 Middle Eastern Sound Library

Roland E-A7 Middle Eastern Sound Library

This new expansion pack offers a variety of Middle-Eastern sounds and live-backing styles (live-grooves) to add to your Roland E-A7. Al Fanny collaborated with Mr. Karim El-Far of Kelfar Technologies to develop and program professional Middle-Eastern sounds and live-backing styles recorded by a live band to create the expansion pack.

Roland E-A7

A Game Changer in the History of the Roland Oriental Arrangers

The new expansion pack is just the latest in a long and celebrated history of innovation in the world of music. In the 1980s, Al Fanny created the Roland E-40 Oriental sounds and styles, which became the standard of every Middle Eastern musician. Throughout the world, and especially in Egypt, the sounds and styles of the Roland E-40 Oriental became the standard for songs. It’s likely that you have heard many songs created using the Roland E-40 Oriental sounds and styles. Now, the expansion pack brings even more live-backing styles to choose from for your composing, arranging, and performance projects.

Sounds and Styles

With the advancement of technology in the new Roland Arrangers and the onboard 128 RAM in the Roland E-A7, Roland Egypt is bringing to you new Sounds and Humanize Styles. The new sounds and styles were developed as was requested by our loyal Al Fanny Roland Egypt customers.

The new sounds were recorded professionally to preserve the original instrumental acoustic feel. Sounds include:

• Stereo Live Strings
• Stereo Live Kanun with Tremolo*
• Live Oud with Tremolo*
• Live Nay*
• Live Oriental Bozuk with Tremolo

• Stereo Live Mizmar (Egyptian)

The expansion pack also includes a well-rounded collection of distorted lead guitar, electric guitar, wah-wah sounds, drawbar organ, saxophones, trumpet, electric piano, portamento sounds, and orchestral strings for rich, layered sounds.

Live Band and Humanize grooves The included humanize grooves in the expansion pack were recorded and mastered in stereo by a real Middle-Eastern band. Each live-backing style has four intros, variations, fills (breaks), and endings.

The Al Fanny sounding engineering team carefully chose the best classical and modern humanize grooves aimed at the Egyptian and Middle-Eastern market. To make the Humanize grooves more realistic, the chord progressions were programmed as Major, Minor, and Major 7. Each fill (break) has a live slide bass guitar.

Roland E-A7 Middle Eastern Sound Library

The selection of backing-styles for this expansion pack is the classical Middle-Eastern grooves as well modern grooves:

• Saidi
• Saidi Mix 1,2,&3
• Modern Baladi
• Maksoum 1&2
• Maksoum Saree3
• Laf
• Laf Dance
• Wehda (Saghira, Kabira,& Cifteteli)
• Wehda Mix
• Katakofti
• Katakofti Mix 1&2
• Katakofti Dance
• Katakofti Dance & Laf Mix
• Hajaa Mix
• Slow Rock Mix
• 4444
• Chobi 4/4 and 6/4
• Wehda Sha3bi masri, and few modern sha3bi styles from Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine.

Of course, the Roland E-A7 has many included factory backing styles as well to choose from. It’s a comprehensive package that enables you to create almost limitless sounds and songs. New Performances (UPG/UPS) The expansion pack has a massive amount of new performances (UPG/UPS) to complement the live grooves and to bring your live performance to a new level of professionalism. From small orchestral strings to a large ensemble strings are there for you to use them with a specific theme and genre.

Additional care was taken in the programming to make many of the sounds and live-backing styles similar to those performed by a live band.

These sounds and backing styles are so lifelike they can fool you into thinking you’re hearing the real thing. Listen now and hear for yourself the difference from Al Fanny Trading new Arabic expansion pack.

The live-backing styles (live-grooves) and the multi-samples marked with an asterisk for the new expansion Middle-Eastern pack were recorded and engineered by Mr. Karem Matar of Ksound Studio, Nazareth.


Sounds and Styles

Roland E-A7 Encrypted USB – Sounds and Styles – Price: $300 + S&H

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