EXs 188 Kelfar Expressive Strings

EXs 188 Kelfar Expressive Strings

Contents: Approximately 1.6 GB of PCM samples, 3876 samples [non-looped], 50 Multisamples Stereo, 100 Multisamples Mono,  44 Programs [U-CC], 64 Combis [U-A], 44 Wavesequences [U-FF/U-GG], 1 Drum Kits [U-FF].

You’re about to experience an amazing feat of audio engineering – the recreation of a symphony orchestra’s string section for the keyboard. We believe that Expressive Strings will astonish and delight you with its realistic portrayal of stringed instruments.

With the touch of a button, you’ll be able to play the full string section of a symphony orchestra on your keyboard. Violins, violas, and cellos blend into an exquisite sound that can be used to compose your own music or play any piece you desire.

Smooth, Realistic, and Expressive Orchestral Sounds

 The EXs 188 is an ensemble strings group combined from violins, violas, cellos, and contrabass. Kelfar Technologies’ vision is to give musicians a sound that has both expressiveness and playability. Your performance is based on an expression and feelings which you are translating into musical notes. Hence the title of the orchestra strings library: Kelfar Expressive Strings.

Kelfar Expressive Strings removes the separation between notes often found on electronic keyboard recreations of string instruments. The smooth sound mimics the tones created by the finest musicians.

Kelfar Technologies Expressive Strings for Korg Kronos: Features 

  • 14-sound library for the Korg Kronos music workstation
  • 44 programs/templates (U-CC) programmed in Combinations of Combis 64 (U-A)
  • Selections that include:
    • Small to Large Orchestra
    • Bass Split Orchestra
    • Dynamic Strings with Velocity switching
    • String Quartet
    • Orchestra Strings
    • Random Orchestra Strings
    • Modern Strings
    • Legato Strings Articulation
    • 16-Multi-Timbral Tracks

Added Realism – New Dynamics

 To add more realism to your performance, the EXs 188 strings are programmed with round-robins. The strings will no longer sound statics or mechanical. Now, they sound just like real orchestra strings. Each new note sounds with fresh dynamics.

Orchestra Arrangements, Key Mapping, and EQ

The strings were arranged and recorded to be performed for synthesizer key mapping or key zones. By playing one key (for example, G3), you can play the entire ensemble group of violins, violas, and cellos. Kelfar has made it easy to make it sound as if an entire ensemble group is playing without the players needing to adjust each instrument’s loudness, equalization, or octave arrangements.

Mimics an Actual Orchestra’s Range

Each instrument – violin, viola, cello – has been programmed to mimic the actual key range of an orchestral instrument. For example, the violins’ key range is from G3 to A7, violas perform in the key range of C3 to E6, and the cellos within the key range of C2 to C6.

Kelfar Technologies did all the work for you! There’s no need for you to rebuilding the orchestra elements and setting key ranges for each of the instrument to make it sound like an orchestra.

Experience World Scales

Kelfar Expressive Strings can be performed in both equal temperament and non-equal temperament scales. Experiment, compose, and perform both Western and Eastern-style string music.

 Deep Level of Programing the EXs 188  Kelfar Expressive Strings

 Kelfar Technologies for the first time brings a new programming feature to the Korg Kronos:  cross-fade between the samples while performing the strings in real-time. Legato is very important when performing strings or other instruments that require a smooth transition between the notes.

Dynamic Strings with Velocity switching

Many of the combis are programmed to respond to 6, 8, 12, and 16 velocity switching dynamics. The EXs 188 does respond to Dynamics’ Note Velocity: ppp, pp, p, mp, mf, f, ff. We have referenced the dynamics of each of the combis by naming them according to the velocity switching.

Realistic Orchestra Articulations and AMS (Alternate Modulation Source, Realtime Controls)

 The EXs 188 has the following articulations:

  • Staccato
  • Pizzicato
  • Glissando Octave Up
  • Fast Glissando Up
  • Fast Glissando Down
  • Slow Glissando Down
  • Trill
  • Trill Minor
  • Tremolo
  • Legato Up
  • Legato Down

All the AMS assignments and Real-Time Controls have been standardized, and the AMS were programmed to cross-fade between previous notes and new notes. This provides another way to perform between the notes or play legato without creating any artifacts. You have dynamic control over the sound using SW1, SW2, After Touch, Velocity, Joystick, and Ribbon. It is highly recommended that you use the EXs 188 Guide to become familiar with the Kelfar Expressive Strings Dynamics.


J Y+ := Trill
J Y-  := Pizzicato, Velocity: Staccato
J X-  := Fast Glissando Down
J X+ := Fast Glissando Up

Double AMS assignments when SW1 or SW2 are selected

SW1 + J Y+ := Tremolo
SW1 + J X-  := Slow Glissando Down
SW2 + J X+ := Glissando Octave Up

Note Retrigger

 All the articulation included in this library can be retriggered while holing a note. It is like taking a full control of each element of the orchestra without the need to release the Note to play the articulation.

The EXs 188 Kelfar Expressive Strings sound library was mastered by Sam Skaf of Sam Skaf Mastering Studios in New York. His expertise in audio engineering and musical performance, combined with his state-of-the-art equipment captured true-to-life representations of each of these highly sought-after instruments. Engineered and programmed by Karim El-Far of Kelfar Technologies.


EXs 188 Kelfar Expressive Strings Manual Guide 2021

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